The IvyHouse Center for Self-Sufficiency  



Service Coordination  



Nationally accredited by CARF International in April 2009 for the full 3-year period (2010-2013) in Case Management and Service Coordination for Criminal Justice offenders.  An accolade received by only 3 other providers in the State of North Carolina.  Ivy House is the only provider in the Central Region with this special designation and the only provider in the State of North Carolina with national accreditation to provide case management services for transitioning offenders back into the community.   


Forsyth County Mental Health Court Liaison 

The Forsyth Mental Health Court is a post-booking jail diversion for adults charged with non-violent misdemeanor and felony offenses.  The Forsyth Mental Health Court deals with non-violent offenders who have been diagnosed with a mental illness or co-occTreatmenturring mental health and substance abuse disorders.   



The main goal of the Mental Health Court is to decrease the frequency of clients’ contact with the criminal justice system by providing courts with resources to improve clients’ social functioning and link them to employment, housing, treatment and support services. 





The Ivy House: Center for Self-Sufficiency has been contracted to provide the Court Liaison position in Forsyth County that will serve as the “gatekeeper” with the responsibility for coordinating referrals and acting as the liaison between the court and each respective treatment provider.