The IvyHouse Center for Self-Sufficiency  



About Us

Our Mission  


Ivy House Center for Self-Sufficiency was founded in May 2007 to provide comprehensive support services that strengthen individuals, families and communities.  Ivy House’s primary services include treatment, case management, training, consultation, and program development related to wellness and self-sufficiency for low income individuals involved with the criminal justice system who also have substance abuse, mental, and general health issues in North Carolina.   


Ivy House Center for Self-Sufficiency has four main areas of exceptional expertise: Substance Abuse–Mental Health. Training-Consultancy, Research (Substance Abuse/Mental Health), and Self-Sufficiency as it relates to individual self-sufficiency support and re-entry supportive services for ex-offenders, poor, needy, and homeless populations.  Program areas and Services address but not limited to applied and scientific research, clinical prevention, treatment, and recovery as well as social and life skills coaching and development.